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Today, our Community Garda came in to talk to the 4th Class about Safety. He told us to wear helmets (when cycling) to protect our skulls and brains and to wear  bright coloured vests so cars will see us riding our bikes in the dark. The garda also said that we must have two lights on our bikes, one yellow (or white) light at the front and 1 red light at the back of the bike. If we need to cross the road with our bikes, we have to get off the bikes, then cross the road.  Next, he talked about walking to school. He told us to always walk on the footpath and not on the road. If you have to walk on the road, be as close to the edge as possible and never walk in the middle of a road. We must always walk facing the traffic ( not actually walk into the traffic). He told us to call 999 or 112 if we ever need help. It was a very exciting visit!  

by Iona