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Green School


A lot done – but still a long way to go!


It's great to see so many children walking and cycling to school. For the past year we have been promoting walking and cycling to school. In 2011 there were 47% of children getting lifts to school. Since then we have introduced ‘Walk On Wednesday’ and it has improved the number walking and cycling greatly. By June 2012 this had decreased to 35%. Great job done!

This is our second year in our pursuit of the school's 4th Green Flag, the flag we aim for is the travel flag. By the end of the current school year we hope to achieve our goal and drop our numbers to less than 25%.

The big banner outside the school says Walk On Wednesdays. There is a noticeable difference outside on this day. There are far less cars than normal. This creates a much safer environment for those who walk and cycle to school. If we can do it on a Wednesday, we can do it on all weekdays.

Promoting sustainable travel is not just for school. We, on the Green Committee, feel that it is important to practise what we preach. So why not leave the car at home on schooldays, going to the shop and for other short journeys? Contribute to a greener and safer environment, and get our children walking or cycling.

Our school has also removed general waste and compost bins. Our inspiration was tidy town 2012 winners Abbeyshrule, the town who removed all general waste bins as well. Already we have seen a massive decrease in the amount of waste the school creates.

“Walk On Weekdays”

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