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Land Yachts in Ms. Hanly’s class by Anna

We were learning about forces and land yachts. We made land yachts at home using different materials. We had a competition to see which land yacht could travel the farthest. We tested this using a hairdryer. Cathal’s land yacht travelled the farthest. Anne won the competition for the land yacht that looked the best.  It was great fun and everyone who entered got a prize.

G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1744.JPG       G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1745.JPG         G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1746.JPG
  G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1754.JPG   G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1756.JPG   G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1757.JPG   G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1759.JPG

G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1747.JPG       G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1749.JPG       G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1751.JPG      G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1753.JPG                       

G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1761.JPG         G:\DCIM\141___03\IMG_1755.JPG