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               Newsletter 1: October 1st    2014

  1. September went really well in Scoil Treasa - Well done to all. We welcome in particular our new pupils to 3rd class and hope the next four years will be fruitful and rewarding for them. Also a welcome to new pupils in the other classes throughout the school. 
  1. Summer Works: 8 Classrooms were painted, new carpets, new window glazing, new furniture, WiFi, new I.T. equipment purchased. We are always striving to make our school a safer, more comfortable and clean, bright environment for our pupils.  A special word of thanks to Floyd , our caretaker, for his work this summer. 
  1.  Voluntary Subscriptiom: We have not requested a voluntary subscription since October 2007. In the light of the above work/expenditure and more we may need to fund raise during this school year. The B.O.M. discussed this at a meeting on Monday last and I am meeting with Parents’ Association to discuss further the reintroduction of this subscription.  A letter will issue before Hallowe’en 
  1. Each pupil is asked to pay €50 to cover the cost of art materials, assessment tests, P.E. equipment. music, library and other resources. (3rd Class parents would have paid this with their registration)  Please refer to your child’s booklist for details.  Please make all cheques payable to ‘Scoil Treasa’   This payment is vital and I would ask all parents to co operate in this matter.  If you have overlooked this payment this is a gentle reminder.
  1. Pupil safety is paramount.  I ask you to park responsibly and drive carefully in the vicinity of the school at all times. Please follow the lollipop lady’s instructions. Remember we have a disabled parking space outside our school – be sure to leave enough room around this space for easy access. Please do not park on double yellow lines outside/ across from  the school.
  1. The school car park is for staff cars only. It can be very dangerous when a small number of parents insist on parking in or at the entrance to the car park.  
  1. All school holidays have been notified to parents in June (on booklist) and are also available on the school website. School will be closed on Friday October 10th to facilitate voting in the bye election
  1. School Uniforms. Please ensure your child wears his/her full uniform everyday to school. Your child will be notified as to when he/she may wear P.E. uniform.  
  1. Code of Behaviour.  The code is printed at start of your child’s journal.  Please talk to your child about the importance of good behaviour in school, on yard and on the way to and from school.
  1. Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, a school must notify the National Education Welfare Board when a pupil is absent for 20 days or more. It is important that you notify us about absences in writing. 
  1. Time at School:  Scoil Treasa is open to receive pupils at 9.20 a.m. and children go home at 3.00p.m. Some children arrive in school before 9.20a.m.  We advise parents that the school is not responsible for pupils before 9.20a.m. or after 3.00pm in the afternoon.
  1. If you wish to meet your child’s class teacher/principal it is essential that you make an appointment through the office (4513141). Arrangements for supervision can then be put in place to facilitate these meetings. Teachers cannot facilitate impromptu meetings.  Formal parent teacher meetings will take place in November.
  1. Lunches. We encourage a healthy eating policy in our school. Please try to make your child’s lunch as nutritious as possible. We would encourage the children to bring a piece of fruit for small break. Fizzy drinks and crisps are not allowed.
  1. Contact Details:  Please ensure we have your correct mobile number in case of an emergency.   
  1. Again thanks for all your support to date and all the staff look forward to working with you during this school year