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Budding Engineers

Mrs Tomlinson saw some very promising civil engineering work in her class, as the children worked together to build various bridges using the wonderful Polydron Bridges class set.  The children explored the various types of bridge that we see in the world around us, and then had the opportunity to build some of these bridges.  The children worked in small groups, each group building one of the following bridges:

      • Warren Truss Bridge
      • Pratt Truss Bridge
      • Cantilever Bridge
      • Suspension Bridge
      • Cable-Stay Bridge
      • Drawbridge
A Finished Truss Bridge

Alecs, Baean and Kate find
the drawbridge a challenge!

Cian, Andrew and Amy figure it out!
Jamie almost has it!
Jessica directs as the boys work hard
Louis helps out!
The finished cable-stay bridge
The finished suspension bridge
The girls are so proud of their finished cantilever bridge
The girls figure out the
cantilever bridge
Warren truss bridge