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As most students know, 12th – 16th November was Science Week. Lots of interesting things were going on around the school. In our class loads of cool experiments were done, such as making your very own Lava Lamp to freezing a balloon. For example, someone got an egg in a glass of water and another egg in glass of water with 4 tea spoons of salt. The one with salt floated and the one without salt sank. Other experiments our class did were making a compass, showing how a fire extinguisher works, showing the effect of light passing through water and demonstrating water pressure.   We did our experiments for Ms. Hanly’s class.



On Friday two classes got to go to Tallaght IT  for a science presentation. The science presentation was really fun. A lot of it was about gravity. The guy there even opened a book and made fire come out of it! The man was also juggling and riding a uni-cycle while explaining gravity. There also was an activity where  volunteers  came up and tried to balance a peacock feather on their hand. It was great fun.
We really enjoyed Science Week.