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Student Council 2017/2018

Click here to read more about Our Student Council 2017/2018

Our new Student Council: 

Cathaoirleach: Sophie Cullen
Leas Cathaoirleach: Adam Murphy        
Runaí: Katie Murphy  
Leas Runaí: Ella Kavanagh

                 Jack Lawlor 
                 Jodie Stenson 
                 Oscar Stewart 
                 Owen Riviére 

We are all looking forward to improve the school for the students!


 What was your reaction when you got picked for the Student Council? What is it like being Cathaoirleach?

          First we had our election, which was really difficult but I told myself that I just need 1 minute of bravery! Everyone had amazing ideas so nobody knew who would get picked! Everyone got a piece of paper and voted for someone! (not themselves) My teacher ( Ms Mahony) counted up the sheets, when she was finished she asked everyone to be quiet ! I was squeezing my best friend Ella's hand I was so nervous but excited! She announced that the boy was Adam and that I was the girl! I didn't want to be overexcited because I felt bad for the other people who didn't get picked, but inside I was having a heart attack! I was SO excited!

         Ms Mahony told Adam and myself to go up to Mr O Ciaruain's room and tell him who got picked as he organises the Student Council.

        Our first meeting was very exciting I got to see the other people who had been picked ! Mr O' Meara came in for our first meeting to pick all the positions on the council (we wrote a name down on the sheet ).  As you can see above who got what position . I was absolutely over the moon!! However some people did not get picked for some parts but they are still very important!

        Cathaoirleach is very exciting but also you have to make an amazing impression on the other students ! I can honestly tell everyone that it is the BEST thing I have ever done it my life! Even though I was mortified I would do terribly I took a leap of faith and here I am today! 

Sophie Cullen, Cathaoirleach.