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Swine Flu Vaccination

                                                                                                            19th January 2010

Swine Flu Vaccination Date
Friday 12th February 2010


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We have been notified by the HSE that their Vaccination Team will come to our school on Friday February 12th for one day.

  • Please fill in the attached Consent Form and return it to the class teacher tomorrow.  Please note that even if you do not want the vaccine for your child you should complete the form and sign the refusal section.

On the day of vaccinations

  • Please ensure that your child has eaten his/her normal breakfast and brings his/ her normal lunch.
  • Pupils should wear school tracksuit and their short sleeved polo shirt to facilitate access to the upper arm.

We are happy, together with the HSE team, to look after the pupils during the vaccination.  From years of experience with other vaccinations, we can reasssue you that the pupils will cope really well when done as a group.  They are kept occupied while waiting and will be monitored afterwards by the medical team.  There is no need for a parent to be present.  If you have any particular concerns or queries, please contact us in advance.

Due to the volume of work to be achieved it will not be possible for the HSE to actively follow up students who are absent on the day of vaccination or where vaccination is deferred because a pupil is unwell.  These students should be brought to   a vaccination clinic at another time.

We would ask you again to remain vigilant with regard to the swine flu and encourage your child to keep up good hand washing practice and cough and sneeze etiquette.
Thanking you for your on going cooperation

Yours sincerely,

Gerard O’ Meara